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Oni Press Announces ‘The Long Con’ Volume 1

Posted By Mdinich on Entertainment - Reading Time: 2 minutes Acclaimed action-comedy about post-apocalyptic life inside a never-ending comic convention, The Long Con, will be available as a collected volume.
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Meet Sci-Fi Author Teresa McLaughlin

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - Today I am excited to share a success story interview with Sci-Fi author Teresa McLaughlin. I enjoy talking with authors about success because I find authors face challenges similar to bloggers, actors, podcasters, side hustlers and even small business owners. It takes a tremendous amount of work to build connections online and get your work noticed. […]The post Meet Sci-Fi Author Teresa McLaughlin appeared first on Your Money Geek.

6 Authentic Ways to Deal with Social Anxiety in ANY Situation

Posted By stevescottsite on Self Improvement - ​For those of you who experience social anxiety, you know firsthand the isolation that follows. Being uncomfortable at social events, parties, and other gatherings, can affect your friendships or intimate relationships. And relationships, both platonic and romantic, are one of the pillars of happiness. In fact, research has shown that positive relationships could be the single […]The post 6 Authentic Ways to Deal with Social Anxiety in ANY Situation appeared first on Happier Human.

Strain Review – Berry Fusion

Posted By RFunctional on Health - Berry Fusion was another one of my impulse buys this week. Berry Fusion, also popularly known as Berry OG, is a cannabis strain known for its lovely scent and induction of productive highs. Admittedly, I chose this strain because the name sounded like a smoothie I’d get from Jamba Juice. […]

Momentum Series Interview – Young And The Invested: Finding Financial Independence

Posted By makingmomentum on Business - This Momentum Series interview is with Riley from the personal finance blog Young And The Invested. Riley stops by to share his financial journey, managing debt, money goals, blogging experiences and much more.
Momentum Series Interview – Young And The Invested: Finding Financial Independence

Fun Dimension ~ Long’s Maui Family Portraits

Posted By karmahill on Photography - We always have a blast shooting Maui Family Portraits at Baldwin Beach! This location has it all: lush greenery, soft sandy beach, driftwood for fun photo props, magical mountains in the background and clear blue ocean water! As you can see the Long Family also had a blast, but who wouldn’t when spending a relaxing day in paradise […]The post Fun Dimension ~ Long’s Maui Family Portraits appeared first on Karma Hill Photography.

The Most Important Thing ~ Krystal & Nicholas’ Maui Venue Wedding

Posted By Simplemauiwed on Weddings - It’s always a special experience when a bride and groom decide to have a Maui Venue Wedding! With this being Krystal and Nicholas’ first time to Maui, this important occasion was made even more memorable. The happy couple was joined by their parents and siblings, both super sweet families. Krystal’s brother and sister served as […]The post The Most Important Thing ~ Krystal & Nicholas’ Maui Venue Wedding appeared first on Simple Maui Wedding.

E-Commerce Brand Loyalty: How Retailer Bombas Achieves Brand Loyalty to Increase Sales

Posted By Prisync on Business - For a moment, think about the most popular product in your store. Why is that the most popular? Is it because you’ve found a way to produce this product for cheaper than all your competitors? Or is it because you’re the de facto brand people think about when looking for that product? Now, if you ...

5 Biggest Struggles of Social Media Advertising

Posted By shameel on Social Media - 5 Biggest Struggles of Social Media AdvertisingUma BhatTue, 01/15/2019 - 15:51 Are you simply posting on social media every single day expecting that your social media audience will see all your posts? Gone are those days of posting content and getting attention from your audience. There are millions of people on various social media platforms, and the number is increasing day by day. Now it’s about targeting the right audience for your product, build engagement with your target audience and eventually convert your audience into customers. And for this to happen, paid social media advertising strategy is the solution.What is social media advertising?Even though it sounds simple, many are confused as to what social media advertising really means. To make it clear, social media a

5 Things Property Managers Can Do to Eliminate Stress

Posted By loculogic on Property - Anyone who’s ever been in charge knows one thing – management is stressful. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re managing a project, a property, or a team of people. The experience of being responsible for the success of a project or a team can induce a fair amount of stress. But you need a clear […]
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15 Ways To Let Go of Anger When You’ve Been Wronged

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - Do you know how to let go of anger and resentment? At some point, if you live long enough, someone will do or say something that hurts you. And when you’re in pain or deeply offended, it’s not so easy to just brush it off. But if you’ve ever held onto your anger and held […]
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7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Care About SEO

Posted By ivanpw on Blogging - If you’ve never thought about your firm’s SEO rankings, it’s time to take a look at what this marketing push is all about. Any business that operates a website and… Read more »The post 7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Care About SEO appeared first on

Meal Prep a quick guide

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Stumbling across #mealprep is unavoidable.  A quick flick through social media and you can be certain to find plenty of images of pre-prepared meals; row upon row of containers filled to the brim with veg, protein, carbs, fruit, snacks and everything else in between.There are several possible reactions to this.  First up is smugness, because you are one of the #mealprep crew.  You have prepped a weeks’ worth of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner. Showoff!) and had the time to let your followers on Instagram see. Well done you.Or, reaction two will be disbelief; disbelief at quite how many containers one person can actually own and disbelief at how said person found the time to cook 21 meals on a Sunday. We are with you on this, some people have a lot of containers and can magic up a lot o

Importance of Blogging for Your Online Business

Posted By tlkool987 on Business - Today, businesses have to deal with continuously changing consumer demands. It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to create a strong online presence of their business to improve their customer communication and engagement. While having a highly optimized website is really important, another very crucial thing that helps improve your search engine rankings is your […]