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A Trader’s Trick Entry Technique

Alex on Finance - The trading technique described in this article is one of the trader’s entry techniques available for traders. This one comes with the Simple Moving Average period 12 (SMA 12), and the Commodity Channel Index period 20 (CCI 20). This is not a trading recommendation. The article in this piece is just about what the author is doing, not what he wants others to do. There’s risk of loss in trading.

7 Words I Emphasize to My Children

extremejohn on Blogging - I usually start my Sunday mornings off by ripping through email and social media messages before I break-out and enjoy the day. Getting a jump on the emails makes a huge difference heading into the new week of business. I’m not going to lie, it takes a tremendous amount of self-motivation to wake up on [Continue Reading]

Events that are tracked as computer milestones

shkhanal on Education - Computers emerged as the most powerful and useful devices, that shape up the modern world, out of the gradual improvement and innovation of calculating devices and mathematics. Here, in this post, we present the major computer milestones.

5+ Innovative Ways to Find Blog Post Ideas

souravsudhi on Blogging - At times you fail to produce excellent content or you feel completely blank. No more worries. Here are some spicy yet innovative ideas that can make your blog more interesting and helps your generate excellent content when you are blank .

Top 10 useful URL shorteners

allbloggingways on Networking - URL shorteners are the services provided by various websites that help in shortening the very long URL’s of your website. These services helps in converting the long URL’s to a maximum 10 digit URL and when any one clicks on the shorten URL you are redirected to the original URL.

How to Block IP Address from Website ( .htaccess / Cpanel)

Tharun782 on Blogging - Learn how to prevent your site from being hacked by tracking and blocking IP address found for suspicious activity. Here we use two methods cpanel method and htaccess method for blocking ip address. Hope you love to enjoy this tutorial.

Make More Green with the Evergreen FX Affiliate Program

ZacJohnson on Blog Tips - Having holed up a bunch of my money is so-called “high interest” savings accounts for so long, I’ve always had an ambition to do something smarter with my money. The thing is that investing in the stock exchange, in equities or whatever else can sound so intimidating and so daunting. That’s why there are so many educational products out there, as well as professional advisors, that are designed to teach you how to get your money to make you more money. And, seeing how the world of money works, you can also make a bunch of money by convincing other people to invest in these educational products. You can do that through the Evergreen FX affiliate program. They don’t do the actual foreign exchange trading themselves, but they rather deal in foreign exchange educ

Nokia Lumia 930 vs HTC One M8 : The new boys Clash !!

souravsudhi on Technology - A couple of days before Microsoft unveiled their latest Windows Phone OS , the Windows Phone 8.1 at Build 2014. Along with the release of WP 8.1 , the Nokia also unveiled its latest range of Lumia devices in the form of Nokia Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and the Lumia 930. The Finnish phone makers have set all their hope on the all-new Lumia 930 which marks the beginning of a new generation Lumia devices. Meanwhile, the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 are expected to arrive as budget phones.

The arrival of Nokia Lumia 930 supported with WP 8.1 marks the beginning of a new worthy clash with the pre-launched HTC’s new master boy, the HTC One M8.

The Secret to Higher Google Rankings

JaysonFeltner on Blogging - A few weeks ago an overseas firm offered me the unthinkable.  They had found the shortcut to higher Google rankings!  They would share all this with me, of course, for a small fee.Every blogger will receive an incredible offer to higher Google rankings sooner or later.  Every new blogger is eager to build their platform.  Post after post, week after week, month after month, they pour their heart and soul into blogging only to have 100 readers a day or less.No wonder then, the proposition to learn the shortcut to higher Google rankings is so appealing.  Fortunately, I didn’t take the bait on this one.  Instead, I propositioned the firm to analyze a few blogs I know of …The post The Secret to Higher Google Rankings appeared first on

Community Member Spotlight with

bbrian017 on Blogging - Hi everyone and welcome to our community member spotlight. This week’s first top weekly user spotlight goes to is mostly a entertainment website which publishes news related articles. They focus on topics like news, entertainment, movies, technology, autos, health sports etc. They provide only the latest news from all around the globe. For […]