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Single guys – enough with the dick pics!

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - I know it’s hard to resist if you’ve got a humongous schlong and you like everyone to see it, or even if it’s a bit bigger than usual; that girl in the picture is going to want you oh so much more if you give her a view of percy or whatever you call it. After

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Bloggers

Posted By GuestCrew on Blogging - Many initially questioned the point of the app, especially when the first things they saw when logging in to it were dresses, home-made jewellery and jam jars from different parts of the world. As Morrissey said ‘it says nothing to me about my life’.

Things change, however, when you see that millions of users everyday are logging in and posting.

Surely millions can’t be wrong?

Event Planner’s Guide: How Big Events Differ From Small Ones

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - Are you an event organiser? You'll like this article, and don't forget to comment your input in the section below!The post Event Planner’s Guide: How Big Events Differ From Small Ones appeared first on Printsome .

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream Review

Posted By hotbeautyhealth on Beauty - One of the most effective creams that has helped me treat my discoloration is Meladerm. Is there a man or woman who hasn’t dealt with dark spots on the face or body? This cream has been my savior allowing me to build up my confidence again.

Why it’s a good idea to keep your hands to yourself

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - This post is inspired from DammitJami’s blog post 14 biggest online dating peeves Dudes, what the actual fuck are you thinking? Ok, I understand this is a sweeping general statement and that not every man (or most men for that matter) are lecherous scummy bastards, but w. t .f? I know, I know, I know what

#Win a Blog Engage and Blokube Subscription @printsome

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Hi everyone and welcome to our newest mini contest where we giveaway a 1 free year of our Blog Engage and Blokube Marketing Services. Please take a moment to thank our contest sponsor, Print Some. Without our paid sponsors we would not be able to host these giveaways so please make the connection and say […]The post #Win a Blog Engage and Blokube Subscription @printsome appeared first on Blog Engage.

9 Best Math Apps For KIDS Of All Ages

Posted By TutorPace on Education - Math is a word that strikes fear in young minds. It can be turned into love if kids have some Math apps with them to learn. Playing Math games instills love for Math and also strengthens students’ skills in the subject at any grade. Here are a few of them for your reading. Apart from all these apps, online Math tutoring is useful for helping students in all kinds of Math activities through fun learning. It is a succor for students of all grades from toddlers to college seekers with its Math help. Online Math tutors are the best bet for students to learn Math facts with fun and move through their Grades without difficulty.The post 9 Best Math Apps For KIDS Of All Ages appeared first on Online Tutoring.

Does Penis size REALLY matter?

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - The age old question. I can remember the hours spent in the locker room hiding and shying away from the guys with their dicks hanging out. And the less mature ones having a cock fights (yeah, they used to do this). The thing was, it was only ever the guys with humongous schlongs that had the

What to do when you have a bigger dick than your man

Posted By rbaxter80 on Dating - This post was requested over Facebook and well I can’t refuse an old friend now can I? Right.. on with the show. So you have a partner that you feel lacks testosterone, or crudely put: that you have a bigger dick than your man. It’s not uncommon actually and it’s becoming a bigger phenomenon the more

Newsjacking - 21 Ways to Be Sure You’re Doing it Right

Posted By GuestCrew on Marketing - There is one thing we never run out of us – news.

There is always something happening in the world, and there are always marketers looking to capitalize on it.

After all, going viral is one of the best ways to generate traffic.

Enter Newsjacking.