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An Irresistible Offer: 4 Tips to Personalize Your Sales Funnel

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - An irresistible offer is one that your audience cannot help but respond to. It’s compelling, it’s powerful and it drives action.
So, how do you craft an irresistible offer?

Actionable and original tips here, great post!

What is Negative Gearing and Why you Should Avoid It?

Posted By Cent on Real Estate - I love this topic not because I love Negative Gearing but because this is the question that started my search for Financial Freedom. On my second visit to see my financial adviser about 3 years ago; we were talking about my… Continue Reading →

Top Best Niches To Start YouTube Channel For Money

Posted By Gurpreetdhillon on Blog Tips - YouTube is another great platform to make money online after blogging.People who want to make money online their minds would have thought about making YouTube channel to earn through internet.I am a blogger but i accept that YouTube is best way to make money because i have seen many people are earning Thousands of Dollars in a month just by creating few videos.It sounds good and easy but actually its not.Before moving towards niches for YouTube channel i would like to share Pros and cons of having YouTube channel to make money.

17 Fantastic and Interesting Blogs that Are Worth Your Time In 2015

Posted By TheBadBlogger on WebSites - There are TOO MANY things to look at, which can turn into a huge waste of time if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why I decided to put together a list of 17 fantastic and interesting blogs that are worth your time.

Networking – Being your own boss doesn’t have to be lonely

Posted By jumpstartinitiative on Blogging - Networking is basically a bunch of people in a room talking, which is the kind of thing we as people do most of the time. Admittedly, we do this with friends or with groups of people we share an interest with like the sport, shopping, family, music or stamp collecting (mmm...well OK the last one is pushing it), but the aim of these conversations is for us to feel connected with other people which helps us feel positive and happy about who we are and our place in the world. Networking functions a lot like this and it's all about conversations and making positive links with other people.

Which Apple Watch Should You Get?

Posted By iGadgetLady on Technology - The Apple Watch release is fast-approaching with an April 24th launch date and pre-orders starting around 12AM PST on April 10th. But before you head to the Apple store and wait on that never-ending line, I’m gonna make sure you have all the major info you need to help answer the big question: Which Apple Watch should […]The post Which Apple Watch Should You Get? appeared first on My Apple Gadgets |.Related posts:$100,000 Gold Apple Watch Version Launched By Brikk Apple Watch Parody – 3 Must See Videos Which iPhone Should I Get?

6 Reasons Why Your Success Isn’t a Reality

Posted By EvanTarver on Self Improvement - Self Improvement through Professional ExcellenceQuick Takes:- Sometimes we undervalue our successes- By undervaluing our successes, we overvalue our failures- We need to change our internal narrative so we value ourselves correctly- Break through your perception paradigm by understanding why your success isn't a realityThe post 6 Reasons Why Your Success Isn’t a Reality appeared first on Self Improvement through Professional Excellence.

5 Important Factors You Need to Consider With Google and SEO

Posted By erikemanuelli on SEO - What are the things that you need to know about Google and SEO? Is it all as scary as you are lead to believe?
In short, no. Google can be a valuable tool. But, you need to play by the rules.
Here are five important factors that you must consider when it comes to Google and SEO.

The Shittiest Jobs in Tech – Guess How Much They Get Paid

Posted By jobety on Technology - Think you’ve got it bad at your current tech job? Are you scouring the job boards for new opportunities to free you of the burden that is your day-to-day life? Well, it turns out you might not have it all that bad, compared to some of these other tech workers. Tech generally provides a plethora […]The post The Shittiest Jobs in Tech – Guess How Much They Get Paid appeared first on Jobety Blog.