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6 Tips to Improve Visitor Engagement on Your Website

Posted By ivanpw on Business - Is your website’s engagement far below where you’d like it to be? Are you thinking ahead to strategies to increase engagement with your yet-to-be-constructed website?photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio / PexelsIn either case, you’ve got to think in practical, actionable terms. Following these six tips to increase the frequency and enthusiasm with which your website visitors interact with your domain could be just what you need to reach your goals online.1. Put Social Sharing Buttons in Highly Visible LocationsThis is a 15-minute job that could dramatically increase website engagement all on its own. All you need to do is place social sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and any other properties your visitors use when they’re not engaging with your site.…The post 6 Tips to I

Preacher Season One Heads onto DVD/Blu-ray

Posted By BlazingMinds 1593 days ago on Entertainment - Based on the popular 1990s cult comic book series of the same name, the critically-acclaimed PREACHER: SEASON ONE arrives on Blu-ray™ and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The darkly comedic, hard-hitting, supernatural thrill-ride follows Texas preacher Jesse Custer (Dominic Copper, TV’s “Agent Carter,” Captain America: The First Avenger) who, after a supernatural event atThe post Preacher Season One Heads onto DVD/Blu-ray appeared first on Blazing Minds.

Spicy Mayoless Avocado Tuna Salad with Salsa

Posted By MattKearns 1584 days ago on Food - I love canned tuna.  There are so many different tuna recipes that can be created just with one can.  Its the perfect portion size for Heather and I, and I love my protein so this is a great way to go.  The problem with tuna is that it can sometimes be pretty bland.  You have […]

Reflecting on 8 Years of Dragon Blogger

Posted By dragonblogger 1570 days ago on Blogging - was a labor of love I started back in August 2008 and officially made public in September 2008 where I did everything from covering technology ,entertainment, gaming and gadget related news which eventually led to product reviews and so much more.  Like so many bloggers I have had my ups and downs with inspiration, … Continue reading Reflecting on 8 Years of Dragon BloggerReflecting on 8 Years of Dragon Blogger is a post from: Personal Blog of Justin Germino Copyright 2009 Justin Germino. Share it freely, but please link back to this source.Follow Dragon Blogger on TwitterIf you enjoy poetry visit Wanderer Thoughts Poetry a unique and original poetry blog with over 1400 poems and more added daily.Author informationJustin GerminoOwnerIT Manager who is a married fa

It's the Time of Year for Pumpkin Beer

Posted By MomNoms 1557 days ago on Food - Tis the time of year for pumpkin beer!I went to Whole Foods and picked up a few beers to try and tell you about.There are many different flavors that pumpkin beers actually come out to and I'll let you know what I think of each one.

JobRack Interview #002 – Martijn Reintjes – Outsourcing For Professional Growth

Posted By Ana 1555 days ago on Employment -   Download audio I tried to make a rule that everything I do I shouldn’t do myself and I break that rule every day at least time…[chuckle] but I’m working on that. I would suggest everyone try to outsource as much as they can because that will speed up their personal growth and let the company grow. Whether you run a ...
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For the want of a nail……

Posted By drshirahatti 1547 days ago on Blogging - I had made up my mind…I would take interest in and develop surgery in cases of portal hypertension…These patients had a liver disease or a block in the portal veins supplying the liver…This usually lead to the development of very large veins in the esophagus leading to catastrophic bleeding….They would come to the hospital in … Continue reading "For the want of a nail……"

The Biggest Mistake you can make Before Investing

Posted By reimaru 1538 days ago on Self Improvement - Tagalog Version (Click Here) I remember joining a forex trading seminar several years ago, and the instructors taught the basics of how trading currencies work. Among the lessons we learned were how the markets work, how news and economies affect exchange rates, and other lessons such as the difference between the buy and sell price […]The post The Biggest Mistake you can make Before Investing appeared first on Your Wealthy Mind.

LQM EX1 Review: Versatile Touch Screen Fitness Tracker in Budget

Posted By abrarmohi 1507 days ago on Technology - Good things are available everywhere, but versatile one is hard to fine. This is where the fairly new LQM EX1 makes its shot. If your budget is limited but you want the best piece of device and handy too, there is nothing better than this. Check out the full review below as I break the […]
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