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Best Hollywood Movies To Watch Over The Weekend

Posted By SuccessTrending 602 days ago on Movies - As we all know, we are all enthralled by the best Hollywood movies because of their fantasy, suspense, and ability to pique your interest in the film. And, in today's world, people need new films to keep them entertained. These films are part of IMDb's top movies list.Although only new films set trends, old classic films have undoubtedly established some positive trends that have yet to be realized and these are now the best hollywood movies of all time. Read more at

5 True Stories Behind Famous Hollywood Studio Logos

Posted By fershid 1773 days ago on Movies - Before the opening credits of a film, there is usually a short animation of the logo of the film studio (also known as production logo). Some famous examples include DreamWorks, Paramount, Columbia, MGM, and Disney. You must have seen the logos of these major film studios many times, but have you ever wondered about the story behind them?

For example, why does the DreamWorks logo show a boy fishing from a crescent moon? Which castle is that in the Walt Disney logo? Why does the Paramount Pictures logo show a mountain with stars around it?

Mind Warehouse has come up with an interesting video that takes you behind-the-scenes of the creation and evolution of these famous logos. Watch here.

Cheap A.I. Removes Superman’s Moustache Better Than Warner Bros’ $25 Million Job

Posted By fershid 1808 days ago on Movies - If you’ve watched the Justice League movie which came out in November 2017, you’ll remember how Superman’s face looked like a potato sack in some scenes. That’s because Warner Bros. did a shoddy job of removing Henry Cavill’s moustache digitally and they reportedly spent $25 million on the CGI. Cavill couldn’t shave it off due to contract obligations with Paramount’s Mission Impossible: 6.

Now, the Deep Fakes Club has released a video in which they’ve used a $500 computer bought off Craigslist and free Deep Fakes software to teach an A.I. how to digitally remove Henry Cavill’s moustache in a variety of situations. The results are better than what Warner Bros’ managed to achieve with their $25 million budget. Watch here.

The Force of biology is strong in 'Star Wars'

Posted By sciwriterdave 1848 days ago on Movies - The Force can be attributed to tiny organisms called midi-chorians living inside every living cell. Mitochondria also reside in all living cells but serve a different purpose but they could help us understand what the Force actually is.

What the robots of 'Star Wars' tell us about automation, and the future of human work

Posted By sciwriterdave 1848 days ago on Movies - In 'Star Wars' people work side-by-side with robots. Could this be our future, and what would it mean for our society.

What Hollywood Movies Look Like Without Visual Effects

Posted By fershid 1905 days ago on Movies - In the old days, what you would see on a movie set would pretty much be what you saw in the final movie. With modern technology giving us the capability of computer generated imagery (CGI), all you need is a green screen and a couple of props. Because of this, movie sets nowadays look completely different to what you see in the final movie.

Fame Focus has come up with a short video that features clips from Hollywood movies without visual effects, for you to see what they really look like. Some of them will definitely surprise you.

How Filmmakers Use Shapes And Geometry In Movies To Trigger Your Emotions

Posted By fershid 2297 days ago on Movies - The brain gives abstract meaning to many different shapes in a consistent way and filmmakers use this phenomenon to tell their story. In animation, for example, evil characters have sharper features, pointy noses and long curly fingers. The lovable characters are designed soft and round.

In film, a collection of vertical and horizontal lines can indicate a character is trapped or held prisoner in their current lifestyle. Triangles can emphasize power dynamics, linear framing can show physical separation and straight lines are used to guide our eyesight.

'Now You See It' has come up with an excellent video that explains how cinematographers and directors create shapes inside the frame to add visual storytelling to their films. Check it out here.