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A Concise Guide of Money Management for Teenagers

Posted By WondermomWannab 536 days ago on Parenting - Learn how to teach your #teens the basics of personal finance so they're set up early for a lifetime of financial security and can avoid some of the critical mistakes many young adults make.

How To Enforce Help On Your Children With Their Academic Needs

Posted By harleenas 1538 days ago on Parenting - Are you a parent? Parents should help kids with their academic needs. Here are some ways parents can get involved with their children and help them excel in education and life.

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How To Have The Talk With Your Teens

Posted By harleenas 1631 days ago on Parenting - Are you a parent of a teenager? As a parent, you should talk about sex and relationships with your teens. But not only it sounds uncomfortable, probably you do not know how to go about it. Here's what, how and when you can have "the talk" with teenagers so it helps them.

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