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Why I Chose Irrevocable Consent as a Label, What It Means to Me, and Why I Write About It

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 504 days ago on Adult - TPE, TAT, no safewords, no limits, no way out, no “no”, owned, CNC, irrevocable consent, blanket consent, slave, property—  There are a lot of words, phrases, and acronyms used to talk about this area, many of which have other definitions, too.  It’s a lot to sum up.  It can sound simple, but the totality of… Continue reading →

What Protocol Really Says

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 516 days ago on Adult - A question that comes up about specific protocols (rules, guidelines, rituals, anything else in that umbrella) is: Who cares? Which means— What’s the real difference between, “Yes, Mistress,” and, “Yeah?” What does it matter if your hands are boxed behind your back or palms up on your thighs? Why dinner at six and not maybe… Continue reading →

On Potato Peeling and Shakespearean Sonnets (Or, “Is It More Submissive to Enjoy Everything You’re Ordered to Do, or to Dislike Those Tasks but Do Them Anyway?”)

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 505 days ago on Adult - It’s amazing how much time I spend peeling potatoes, I message my mom, because her first message of the day, always around the time she settles in at home after work and the time I am beginning to prepare dinner, again has found me peeling potatoes, perhaps the third time in a bit over a… Continue reading →

Lifestyle Masochism: What I Talk About When I Talk About Masochism

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 251 days ago on Adult - Lifestyle masochism. Every now and then, there’s a word or phrase that goes floating around the local community or FetLife that’s useful, relatable, and catches on as part of the widespread vocabulary. While lifestyle masochism is a phrase that came to me basically at random and, to my knowledge, currently lives only inside my head, … Continue reading Lifestyle Masochism: What I Talk About When I Talk About Masochism

What Protocol Really Says, Again

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 210 days ago on Adult - Dinner is on the table at six as always.  Lemon chicken and corn, lemons courtesy of the neighbors and their tree.  I send the requisite, Dinner is ready, Mistress, and wait in the standard position.  (Since then, we’ve gotten a pager system that covers this message.)  Now that the house is silent after the bubbling … Continue reading What Protocol Really Says, Again

Service Skill: Event Debriefs

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 503 days ago on Adult - Event Debriefs: What Are They? Event debriefs are relatively what they sound like.  The type I’m talking about here is the private post-event reflection for the host (sharing with co-hosts and whatnot can come later).   An “event” is what you make it out to be, and you should set your own standards for what… Continue reading →


Posted By serviceslavesecrets 175 days ago on Adult - Entrees Pot Roast* Season boneless chuck roast, four to five pounds (salt/pepper/paprika), sear on all sides (optional).  Add water to cover, pound of baby carrots, three to four cups tomato sauce, and simmer in pot on stove or crock pot on high with liner for six to eight hours, stirring now and then.  Serve on … Continue reading Recipes

Uniforms and Challenges, the Literal and a Metaphor

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 480 days ago on Adult - Our contract is a simply formatted, single spaced seven or so pages, and this one phrase in it sometimes gives me more conundrums than any others: nice, clean, and of an appropriate size.  This phrase is in the uniform section, and the fact is, being a slave, as wonderful as it is, is messy.    Cooking… Continue reading →

Our Contract

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 174 days ago on Adult - This contract supersedes all other versions of this contract as of the date it is published. It will stand until a new Ownership Contract has been published in its place. This contract is an agreement to a 24/7 live in Mistress/slave dynamic. Kate and Hannah are married; Hannah is Kate’s owned and collared slave. This … Continue reading Our Contract

The Benefits of Silence

Posted By serviceslavesecrets 466 days ago on Adult - When I was fifteen, I decided to take a week long vow of silence for a school project.  It required a bit of negotiating with other teachers, and writing was deemed necessary, but a week without speech was deemed doable.  I carried a small makeshift whiteboard mostly to maintain participation points in class, attend extracurriculars,… Continue reading →