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25 + Advanced Tools and Tips to Speed Up Your Website

Posted By AdNgin 1632 days ago on WebSites - We’ve compiled a list of over 25 resources and tools to make your website super-fast. Why so many? So that we can be sure you’ll find at least one you’ve never heard of before.

The price of a second

Time is money and a LOT of it when it comes to website speed. In terms of revenues from sales and ad clicks – every second can cost you bundles of money.

11 Things You Must Know About Web Design in 2016

Posted By uttoransen 1345 days ago on WebSites - We may be in the final months of 2016, but it’s not time to give up on revamping and refreshing your skills when it comes to web design.

Looking back over the year gives you plenty to learn from, and having some skills in hand makes it easy to move into 2017 a much stronger player.

Top 5 WordPress Website Design Companies

Posted By SixtyMarketing 1057 days ago on WebSites - Here is our list of the top WordPress website designers we have found based on the strength and quality of their portfolio vs the cost vs features of a WordPress website design package. Here are the key features we looked into when we created our list.

Beamer your way to better user engagement, interaction

Posted By supermonitoring 584 days ago on WebSites - Beamer is a user-friendly platform, which makes information about news, product launches, events, updates and extra offers easily available to your customers.

10 Things to Consider Before Selecting Your Web Host

Posted By uttoransen 1426 days ago on WebSites - What’s the most important when you’re shopping for a host – Price? Location? Services?

All are important, but there are more things to consider when finding the perfect web host.

Ultimately the right web host is the one that checks the right boxes for you, your website and your company’s needs.

How to Improve Conversions by Localizing a Website

Posted By supermonitoring 581 days ago on WebSites - With the advent of social media platforms and accessible smartphone devices, the world has become smaller than ever before. This has lead websites and online services to the obvious necessity of localization. Translating an entire website into numerous languages, coupled with constant updates needed to make them relevant has led many companies to concern.

10 Best Free WordPress and WooCommerce Themes

Posted By Jasoncpf 757 days ago on WebSites - Whether you want to stand out with a WordPress blog, highlight a personal portfolio, or to represent an online store, you need a high-quality website. However, sometimes we are really short on budget and have to look for this or that ways on how to save some money while launching a site.

Web developers charge a lot for a turnkey website, some ready-made website templates have a pretty high price tag… But why not to try free website templates?